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Dr. Ken Tudor

H o l i s t i c   V e t e r i n a r i a n

Medical Guidance

- Wellness and Prevention Guidance
- Joint Pain Management
- Allergy Relief Alternatives

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Nutrition Guidance

- Food Selection
- Meal Planning
- Supplement Recommendations

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Alternative Health Care Products

- Chinese and Western Herbs
- Essential Oils
- Supportive Nutrition Aids

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Complementary Therapies

- Acupressure
- Cold Laser (Healing and Pain Relief)
- Therapeutic Massage

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Homemade Dog Food Programs

- Normal Dogs
- Special Medical Diets
- Customized Diets

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Who are some of the folks we see?

Dog with arthritis being helped with cold laser therapy by Dr. Tudor in Claremont CA.
Dog patients with arthritis and/or back pain.
Dog licking its paws may have allergies.
Dogs that suffer from allergies
Dog scratching ear or dog shaking head is the kind of problem that Dr. Tudor helps.
Dogs with repeated ear problems
There are things that can be done for canine cancer patients beyond chemotherapy.
Owners of dogs with cancer who want more options than just chemotherapy
Frustrated dog owners in Southern California get answers at The Well Dog Place.
Frustrated owners of unhappy dogs with undiagnosed illnesses
Dog won't eat prescription diet ? Hearthstone Homemade is a tasty alternative.
Dogs with  kidney and other medical problems who don't like prescription diets
Dogs with chronic conditions find help at The Well Dog Place in the Inland Empire, SoCal.
Dogs with bowel or intestinal issues that are chronic or unresponsive
Want to make homemade dog food? We offer Hearthstone Homemade Recipes and Nutrients!
Dog owners who wish to prepare their own dog food

Why do they come?

Because we have more options...
How can we help you?
Get in touch to discuss your dogs' needs.

How it works

You think the idea of a proactive approach makes sense to you, but don't know how it works? Here is what you can expect:
Dr. Ken Tudor's Well Dog Place - Location - Southern California
Relaxed Atmosphere

Carpeted office with home furnishing rather than cold steel tables. Circulating fountain water dish with filtered bottled water for your dog. Bottled water, coffee, tea or cold Frappuccino for you.

Unhurried Exam

We take the time to really listen. Our exams are one hour long ($59). We get a complete medical history and give you a comprehensive plan.

Wellness Program

There are 5 components to our Wellness Program: Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Prevention, and Therapy. Together they build a foundation for resilience. It is this sturdiness that makes a difference when your dog is stressed or has an accident.

Focus on Prevention

Our goal is to maximize your dog’s health so every day of every year is at full quality. We work with you to build a wellness plan that prevents illness or speeds the recovery from illness.

Dr. Tudor is awesome! I'd been looking for a local, holistic veterinarian/nutritionist for quite some time and was excited to learn about The Well Dog. I brought in my chihuahua for a wellness exam and the atmosphere of the office was so pleasant and relaxed that my dog didn't even know we were at a vets office until Dr. Tudor brought out his stethoscope.

Dr. Tudor was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and he spent more than an hour answering all of my questions. I left his office feeling as though he was genuinely interested in my dog's well being. He recommended a few dietary supplements that were extremely affordable. I only wish my own healthcare was this thorough and cost effective.

Butters' Owner

Healthy Dog - Guidelines from Dr. Ken Tudor

Is your dog getting enough water? Is Your Dog Getting Enough Water?

Unlike us, dogs do not sweat. They cannot be cooled by sweat’s evaporation from the skin. Dogs must pant to get cooled.

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Is your dog getting enough water? Mislabeled: A Hidden Pet Food Health Risk

Is dog food mislabeling intentional or accidental? How wide spread is the practice in the industry and is it common knowledge?

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Is your dog getting enough water? Supplements That Help All Dogs (Part 1)

A balanced homemade or commercial diet should contain all of the nutrients your dog needs, but we want more for our dogs.

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Is your dog getting enough water? Supplements That Help All Dogs (Part 2)

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Two supplements can help turn your dog’s diet from good into a great diet.

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Latest Blog News

Why Dental Health Is Important for Your Dog’s Health

February is Pet Dental Health awareness month. Your veterinarian will be offering dental procedure specials. These specials will include general anesthesia for dental procedures. We holistic vets also feel dental health is important for your dog’s overall health, but we disagree that all dental procedures require anesthesia. Here is The Well Dog Place’s program for your dog’s health.

February 1, 2017
How Milk Thistle Can Help Your Dog’s Aging Liver

The liver is literally the sewage treatment plant of the body. This work eventually takes its toll and the aging liver shows signs of damage in routine blood work.

January 10, 2017